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The psychology of success:
how Breakthru deliver a practical and stimulating programme to develop individual skills, and profit the business.
Develop your people. Profit your business.

If you are frustrated by training programmes that seem to deliver short-term panaceas rather than long term solutions (the type of training that results in people slipping back into their old ways after a few days), then Breakthru offer a refreshing alternative.This is training that people will live afterwards. Because we help individuals understand the process of improving their performance.

How to develop their strengths and address their limitations.

How to feel better about themselves, their communication, and their work.
Breakthru will help them discover the wisdom that complements knowledge.

Wisdom Solutions develop people, to the benefit of the individual, the organisation and its clients.

The need for new solutions.

These days, almost all businesses are "people businesses".

Communicating with, and influencing, people (customers, clients, colleagues and suppliers), is of crucial importance for all organisations. Yet, in our experience, there is precious little time spent giving individuals the practical wisdom that is vital to success - both personal and corporate.

The breakthrough is to help people perform better, and achieve their own personal goals, not just by showing them what to do, but showing them how to achieve outstanding results, consistently.

Our role at Breakthru is to offer new models which unlock the doors to more effective, efficient and rewarding performance across the board. Thus helping people, and their business performance.

Why knowledge is not enough.

In today's busy world, the Information Revolution means that "facts" are available in such volume that some people can feel overwhelmed. Such "knowledge" is vitally important of course.

But to make best use of it, we also need the skills to make the most of our talents, and possibly address personal blocks or limitations.

Such help - in creating the wisdom, resourcefulness, and creativity that complements knowledge - is what Breakthru training will provide. How?

By showing how successful people get results.

What makes someone successful in their business life?

Drawing on many years study in the USA and elsewhere, we can model success, and then demonstrate how to achieve outstanding results.

The skills are taught step-by-step, in an involving and practical way. Which means that they can be put to immediate use for the benefit of your business or organisation, by enabling people to have a better understanding of what they are doing, and what their performance means to others.

Breakthru programmes are rewarding for all concerned - rewarding personally and rewarding commercially.

"If we want to retain staff,
we need to make provision for their
revitalisation and motivation."

Professor Cary Cooper,
Manchester School of Management

Breakthru programmes in brief.
The Business Essentials Programme.

The Business Essentials Programme involves a series of sessions designed for all staff, particularly Directors, Professionals, and Senior Managers.

It includes rapport building, setting wellformed objectives, listening skills, creativity, vision, and the Four Essentials for Success.

Tailored Development Modules.

Subsequent Development Modules are designed for specific issues relevant to your company's activities and needs.

These can include Inspiring Presentations, Maximising Personal Performance, Handling Criticism, Enhancing Creativity, Handling Difficult Clients, Leadership skills and more.

The 1-2-1 Programme.
For key people who need help to manage business or customer relationships more effectively, cope with change, or additional responsibilities.
What The Training Will Do.
Breakthru training is motivating, rewarding, and contributes greatly to team building and individual and group morale. Whether overcoming the fear of public speaking, or improving personal communication skills, or unlocking creativity and intuition, or handling criticism, the learning is important, but also fun.
What It Costs.
We prefer to quote for your specific requirements following a detailed briefing and discussion. Costs are highly competitive, but to quote an expression, "if you think wisdom is expensive, try ignorance!"
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"People are individuals,
not a resource.
The relationship has
gone from master to
servant to buyer
and seller."
Barry Burnow,
Institute of
Personnel Management

"A definition of
'insanity' is to continue
to do the same things
that have not worked
before, and expect
something different
to happen."
Nigel Fordham

"98% of what
businesses do is the
same. Yet they
differ in all the most
important respects.
The other 2% is about
people and culture:
their commitment,
creativity and
Soichiro Honda,
Founder of Honda
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