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What is NLP?
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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP can provide additional and insightful ways of understanding the patterns of thinking that guide behaviour. It provides a fresh and valuable way of understanding people, clarifying issues, developing strategies and solutions, and enhancing communications. NLP is the observation, modelling and understanding of "what works", and provides a new way to approach learning, choice and change.

What is NLP? 'Neuro' refers to the mind and how individuals organise their mental life. 'Linguistic' is, unsurprisingly, about language, how it is used, and how it affects people (self and others). 'Programming' recognises that we tend to have sequences of repetitive behaviour, and ways in which we act with purpose. NLP helps people understand connections, solve problems and make changes. In the Breakthru training, Nigel Fordham calls it the "psychology of success".