Here's a taste of the 'off the shelf' services we deliver to clients and those in associated roles: at brand owners, agencies, charities and institutions, etc.

It is not exhaustive, nor can it reflect the tailored solutions we always deliver. If there is something here that excites your interest,
ask us more.
Wild Duck Casebook
Our Solutions
Our activities
The Bottom Line
Accountable marketing strategy that manufactures margins
Wild Duck Barn
A unique new training and meeting experience
Communications counsel
Impartial strategic advice and consultancy
Brand planning
Strategic development, brand positioning
Strategy & management
Business plans, budget preparation
Direct marketing & sales
Direction and management
Meetings, teamwork, brainstorms, creativity, change
Communications audit
Fixed price review and report
Training / people development
Breakthru Myers Briggs analysis/consultancy
In marketing business and customer service
Contract Directors
Short term marketing direction
Implementation services
Project management ~ Recommended suppliers
Writing by strategists, direct marketing
1 to 1 counselling
Breakthru mentoring and coaching for senior executives
New business projects
Strategy and management
Market research
Breakthru qualitative research
Project management
for quantitive research