Take five minutes to fill in our questionnaire. It is designed to clarify your thinking, and has helped hundreds of marketers already. The questions are a little vague by design. Answer the questions fairly quickly - trust your spontaneous reactions to the questions! To get the maximum value, go through the questionnaire in one sitting, and try to answer all of them, even if they seem, at first, to be unnecessary.
The Solutions Source 
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Think of an issue that's unresolved...

1. What is the problem?
2. Why is it a problem?
3. Why do you have the problem?
4. What caused it?
5. What are your limitations in solving it?
6. Who is to blame?
7. Why haven't you solved it yet?
8. So, what is the problem?
If the answer to question 8 is different to the one you gave to question 1, complete questions 2-8 once more until they are the same.
Then, thinking of the issue identified above...
1. What do you want?
2. What do you need to get it?
3. What resources do you already have to help you achieve this outcome?
4. Where are you now as regards achieving this outcome?
5. What is the next step?
Take the next step you have identified... whether it is a big one or a small one. Everyday problems become big ones when we become stuck, so making a first step starts the momentum towards a solution.
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We hope this has helped your thinking, and stimulated some new thoughts. Please let us know how you get on - if the solutions source helps, or, indeed, if it doesn't!